June 15 & 16, 2022
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Deep-dive into challenges facing product marketing

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11:15 - 12:15, Jun-15
Duration: 1h
How To Execute Win/Loss Effectively
Win-loss analysis is the process of capturing and analyzing the reasons buyers do and do not purchase your product or solution. Effective win-loss analysis can help you monitor product/market fit, capture valuable competitive intelligence, hone product strategy, improve sales training, refine marketing messaging, and more. Come hear Clozd's founders share critical tips and best practices for effective win-loss analysis, based on their experience working with product, marketing, and sales teams at Salesforce, VMware, Twilio, Tableau, Adobe Marketo, Avalara, Qualtrics, Pendo, and more.
14:00 - 15:00, Jun-15
Duration: 1h
Equip Reps for Success: Elevate Sales Enablement to Land Your Key Initiatives
Content is required to support key initiatives, such as product launches, competitive takeout programs, entering new markets, but it is not always clear how and when that content is supposed to be used. Organizations that are highly effective at aligning sales content with core go-to-market initiatives see 12% higher win rates, but the question for many product marketers is how to drive that alignment in a scalable way. In this hands-on workshop, discover how you stack up when it comes to empowering your customer-facing teams, how strategic is your enablement program, and what are your opportunities for growth? Highspot�s Product Marketing leaders will provide you with the tools and strategies to boost your enablement maturity and improve how you craft content and guide reps to execute your most important strategic initiatives.
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