December 03-04, 2019
etc.venues 133 Houndsditch


Deep-dive into challenges facing product marketing

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Workshop - Day 2, Dec-04
Duration: 1h
Lean Marketing - A powerful tool to make your team work more efficiently
Lean Management and Lean Startup - those methods of work brought a lot of fresh air to the World of production & business in general. Nowadays, marketing methods need to be leaner too. During the workshop, we will rework the implementation of the lean methods in the product marketing teams. What kind of methods? Work in sprints, measurement of marketing processes, the ‘just in time’ concept, Kanban for marketing teams, continuous improvement of particular marketing processes, focus on UVP utilization, etc. All that with a down-to-Earth practical approach, based on real case studies, and actual products of workshop attendees.
Workshop - Day 2, Dec-04
Duration: 1h
Building Insanely Great Products
For a product, or a company to be successful they must excel in six key areas. This workshop will discuss the six keys to product success including a modern product lifecycle framework, decision making, who needs to do what and the relationship between project management and product marketing.
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